Don’t pass 126, because diabetes has no easy fix!

Once your blood sugar exceeds 126 mg/dL, you become a diabetic for life!

Our goal at Daily Dose of Sugar is to educate pre-diabetic people who may have rising blood sugar levels to test their blood sugar NOW, because once their fasting blood-glucose concentration passes 126 mg/dL, they will be DIABETIC FOREVER. Diabetes is irreversible.We hope to save 88 million people from diabetes by raising awareness about checking blood sugar levels.


According to the CDC, in 2020, 34 million Americans are diabetic, and over 20% of them(7.3 million people) are undiagnosed. 88 million Americans are pre-diabetic, and over 84% of them (74 million people) are undiagnosed. Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. According to the American Diabetes Association, in 2017, the direct medical cost of diabetes was $237 billion and the cost of reduced productivity was $90 billion.

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About Us

Our goal at Daily Dose of Sugar is to educate the 88 million pre-diabetic people in the United States about the importance of checking their blood sugar levels at least twice a year. Most people do not understand that once their blood glucose levels pass 126 mg/dL, they will become diabetic for life. We hope to prevent 88 million people from passing that threshold so they can live diabetes free.

Diagnosed Diabetes in Adults
26.9 million US adults
Undiagnosed Diabetes inAdults
7.3 million US adults
Diagnosed Pre-Diabetes in Adults
14 million US adults
Undiagnosed Pre-Diabetesin Adults
74 million US adults

About Aurchana

Aurchana Manickavasagan is 17 years old and the founder of Daily Dose of Sugar. When she learned that her grandmother had diabetes, she researched the causes and treatment for diabetes.

Aurchana was surprised to find that once you become a diabetic, you will always be a diabetic — even though you lower your glucose levels through diet or medications. She is doing outreach by speaking to audiences through TEDx and other venues.

Visit her website: where she encourages people to check their blood-sugar levels every six months. Aurchana uses social media, memes, Instagram, and other clever ways to get her message out.

Five Easy Steps to Prevent Diabetes​

Check your glucose fasting levels every 6 months.

Stay below 126 mg/dL.

Eat more plant-based foods.

Avoid processed foods, excess carbs, and sugar.

Relevant Studies and Statistics

A clear link between cardiovascular disease and pre-diabetes has emerged over the past few years. Recent studies have shown that…..

More than 100 million Americans have pre-diabetes or diabetes. Pre-diabetes is a condition in which individuals have blood glucose…..

And in the short preview below the heading, take off the Caps for this part: TYPE 2 DIABETES MELLITUS AFFECTS MORE THAN 8%

Pre-diabetes is a serious health condition where blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough….

Short Survey

Please help us better serve you by answering these 3 short questions:

1: Are you diabetic, pre-diabetic, or non-diabetic?

2. Did you know that once your blood sugar passes 126 mg/dL, you will always be diabetic?

3: How will you use this information (for yourself or others) to avoid becoming diabetic?

4: Tell your story:


What People Say

“When my glucose levels and blood pressure started to increase, I knew I had to do something to reduce my risk of developing type 2 diabetes. When I mentioned my concerns to a friend, she told me about CDC-recognized lifestyle change programs. I love the support and encouragement I get from the other program participants and the lifestyle coach. I enjoy making lifestyle changes such as cutting back on red meat and sugary drinks. I now keep my bike at work and take lunch-break rides around town to stay active!”

Ethan Shaw

“As a medical librarian in a hospital, I knew I needed to make changes to my lifestyle to stay out of the hospital as a patient—but I had a hard time actually doing it. Then I found a CDC-recognized lifestyle change program. I was motivated to join the program to make sure I could play with my grandchildren for many years to come. I enjoy the program because I have met many people who also struggle with diet and exercise. We share healthy recipes and motivate each other to exercise.”

"I’ve always loved food, and I never paid that much attention to what I ate before. My father had type 2 diabetes, and he passed away… I started noticing tingling in my hands, tingling in my feet, and started thinking I might be getting type 2 diabetes, and I needed to make a change."
Maria Eve
"After the death of my mother and a diagnosis of prediabetes, I was motivated to make healthy changes in my life to prevent type 2 diabetes. I was overweight and had high cholesterol, high glucose levels, and poor eating habits. I joined a CDC-recognized lifestyle change program to take control of my life. "
John wilson
"After a Diabeter information evening: ‘During the evening we realized all over again how lucky we are to live so close to the centre and how proud we are of “our” diabetes team doing so much for us. Not only noticeably in guiding our daughter and us, but also on a much larger scale."
Sr .Doctor

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